There is a drug that convinced me that this drawing was the most beautiful and profound truth I’d ever come across:


        A drug led me to believe a juvenile sketch of a smiling snail was the answer to all of life’s deepest questions. Although my drawing ability remains stuck in the 3rd grade, “Be Thy Groove” possesses a degree of philosophical substance. It’s the equivalent of saying “Be Yourself” or “Go with the Flow” and is an unoriginal copy of the Ancient Greek idea that “To know thyself is to be thyself.”

          What’s important is that I would have never drawn that snail if it wasn’t for drugs, and after some thought, there are so many things that would have never happened if not for drugs. Entire days, lives, and cultures revolve around drugs. Alcohol, marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, Xanax, ecstasy, LSD, psilocybin, heroin, methamphetamines, and so many more play a massive role in our lives, and it’s a shame they can be so difficult to talk about.

          There have been mornings where I’ve woken up in a state of such complete physical and metaphysical pain, that I swore I’d never touch a drop of alcohol again. Due to nights of drinking, I’ve destroyed numerous iPhones, thrown up on my mother, and punctured my lung after falling through a sliding glass door in an accident that nearly left me dead. Waking up with a dry mouth, pounding head, and a general lack of excitement for life sucks, and so does the anxiety of not remembering exactly what it was you did last night.

glass near death.JPG

   Due to a medicinal plant, there have been nights where I’ve experienced paranoia and discomfort even around my best friends. Due to a large cup of black coffee, there have been nights where I got little more than 4 hours of sleep. Due to an abnormally large amount of nicotine, I’ve felt my stomach invert itself.

           Drugs can cause such immense pain, lead to destructive addictions, and break families apart, but, in my experience, some of the best moments in life are a direct result of them.

          Alcohol is a social lubricant that brings people together, marijuana allows the guitar solo from Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” to touch your soul, and there are some ecstatic drugs that can cause one to foster passionate romantic love for a pine tree. So much of the best music ever created is because of drugs, and many people believe many of the world’s greatest religions are a direct result of revelations from psychedelics. Drugs have freed my sensitive and fragile ego to tell people who I care about that I care about them. Drugs have allowed me the courage to apologize to people I would have never otherwise. Drugs enable me to write the words I write at this very moment.

Drugs are a dangerous double edged sword, and in no way do I advocate or believe in their abuse or overexposure. I’m young and ignorant to much of what drugs can do and have done, but the feelings we feel under the influence of them aren’t fake or unreal. Our entire existence occurs within the confines of our brain, and drugs simply alter the chemicals flowing in that brain. 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant believed objective reality exists, but due to our limited perspective as individual humans, we are forever stuck in our own subjective reality. Whatever this means leaves much to interpretation, and that is what makes art mystifying and wonderful. What we focus on becomes our world, and this leaves us with infinite possibility.

  • I’ve long wanted to write about this subject but have always feared the taboo nature of the subject. My high school guitar teacher is an eccentric and fascinating person, and in a text exchange with my cousin, said:

    “Strong people are those who don’t lose their vulnerability, and any artist worth anything hasn’t lost theirs”



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